About Us


Think of us as your new go-to multi-store and eco-friendly delivery partner. Our mission is to help you discover the best local retailers, services & restaurants in your area, with the added benefit of exclusive money-saving offers, all brought to you with one website and app.

We want to help bring the high street to you without the need to give away your personal data and credit card details to hundreds of different websites and apps. Our service also connects like-minded local people who care about the impact they are having on the environment and who also want to support their local retailers, restaurants, venues, pubs, service providers, and other small businesses. Check Dizout can change your shopping experience in just a few clicks all on our website or app. Each special offer on the site is a personal invitation from a caring business owner who wants you to try their product or service from the comfort of your own home. We carefully handpick every business based on our shared values and vision to make a difference in our communities.


We operate a pioneering super app with an eco-friendly delivery service. Our zero-emission fleet of electric vehicles will bring the high street to your home in the most safe, fast, eco-friendly way possible. Our site allows you to browse not only the best restaurants in your area, but also retailers, venues, and services, meaning you can order the weekend takeaway and a new pair of shoes all in one place.

Our local business partners want to reduce the damaging impact their daily deliveries are making. Online ordering giants like Deliveroo and Amazon produce huge amounts of emissions while also charging customers and suppliers added fees and taxes, benefiting their own pockets and hurting our local small businesses.

Check Dizout wants to help the local community, the environment, and local independent businesses with our low-cost multi-store platform and eco-friendly delivery service. We want you to trust us to fulfill our promise to bring you a new buying experience. We are developing a full guide of all the local retailers and restaurants in available areas and highlighting their values, services, and products for you to choose to help us make a difference and choose to purchase through Check Dizout.


Check Dizout was originally pitched back in 2017 as a tech-centered solution for restaurants to manage online orders and offer exclusive savings. But we noticed something… the huge impact of big chain delivery services like Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Amazon on our local environments, air pollution, and the climate change crisis. We also noticed that local retailers and restaurants were being charged a high percentage of commission on all sales. In some cases, up to 35% of the order price was being pocketed by these big chains to use their delivery services. Orders also incurred extra fees that fell under the radar but are charged to you the customer.

We knew to save our local communities, businesses, and ecosystems this had to change. It allowed us to create an ethical and transparent online ordering platform for customers to access local independent businesses on one app, one website, one payment, and one eco-safe delivery service. And so, Check Dizout was born.


It is not just retailers and restaurants who were damaging the environment and being charged extra fees; customers, and normal people, like you and me, were constantly contributing to this vicious cycle without even realizing it.

As customers, and as a community, we were missing out on having the option to compare different stores online, access high street savings and discounts, and consider an eco-delivery service. So, instead of taking the easy route and ordering from Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or Amazon, we decided to give you another option. If you go to Check Dizout, you can now think about ordering from your local takeaway online or browsing the high street handmade gift store, then have your purchases delivered to your door knowing you did your small part to support a locally independent business and help save the world's ecosystem.